Monday, 19 December 2011


On the 28th November.. I woke up at half five in the morning to get a taxi to the train station for half seven. After many attempts to wake up i finally did realising i was about to enter the world of fashion, beauty & modeling! A girls heaven.. depending on what they prefer:P

I got to the train station accompanied by my mum (tehe).. the train arrived after 10 mins of waiting in the cold we boarded the train and the excitement became overwhelming!

this was a 4 hour journey to Euston Train Station in London, so i did my make-up and had a little nap. I also listened to music on the journey to help pass the time. We finally got to London but we had no idea where to go so we went and asked at the information desk and they gave us directions.. we were staying at the Hilton Hotel in Canada Water; The hotel was amazing! it was really nice and had an amazing view. Then we had to get to the Excel in London and that was a struggle.. we had to get a boat across from Canada Water to Canary Wharf and then we had to get 3 undergrounds but we finally got there which was a huge relief! As soon as we got of the underground all we could see was people in costumes and imediatley thought we were in the wrong place! but thankfully we were in the right place and there was a Comic Convention in the room next to the BINTM room. All the costumes people were wearing were amazing and i want to go to one it looked that good but anyway:P ... Me and my Mum went to get our VIP packages and got some amazing goodie bags full of lots of treatz!:D

Then we went into the room and got a stamp on our hands to say we could go in and out of the room, then we went round.. it was jam packed and the atmosphere was all so exciting! you could feel everyones adrenaline rising. After a good half an hour me and my mum got the the Amy Childs Clothing section! and then to my amazement she was standing there right infront of me i honestly could not believe it! so i got a few pictures and then out comes Harry Derbidge from TOWIE aswell.. and then i just melted!!! i took a few pictures of him and then when they both had to jet off me and my mum went around again.. i participated in some photos and went to the VIP lounge were i saw all the models and Charlie Speed! then as the models had to practise their routines they left and me and my mum went and grabbed some food from the bar. My mum had a panini and i had a sandwich.. they were massive and delicious!:P

We then went on a walk around again and saw many people including a new boyband, Charlotte Holmes (Model from the last cycle, nickname: Mini Elle)

As the day went on the room bacame more packed and people became tired but then just as people became tired the buzz was intensifyed and the show was about to begin. The show was phenominal! I got a front row seat and was right by all the models.. i also recieved a little wink of one of the male models ;) hehe! feels good to be a VIP;D I saw Jade on the runway looking as glamorous as ever and all the models looking stunning!

- Then before leaving the show i got a quick snap of the lovely Amy Childs and she was lovely and so pleasant:) then walking out and popping to a little pizza shop i saw Harry Derbidge! And asked if i could have a photo and then i had one with him! he then commented on my hair and was like 'you've got lovely hair' in his cute essex accent! which topped my day of :D

The show was amazing and 10/10 for it all! i will definatly be returning next year.. and im soooo happy to have been apart of it all! It was a stupendous experiance:D..

signed ericaaa xoxo


  1. UGH I love LONDON!!! if i had a baby girl, I wanted namre her london!!!!